We are different in a number of major ways from other networking groups:-


The Divine Business Network is not a membership organisation where you have to pay a fee to be a member and then pay another fee to come along to a meeting.  At present, we charge a small entrance fee (£10) which covers a simple breakfast (croissants, fruit juice and unlimited tea and coffee), plus a contribution towards the running costs  of the meeting.

This structure means the network is run for the benefit of its members and there is no barrier to entry.  You are welcome to come as often or as infrequently as you wish.  You simply show up and network with like minded people.



Many business owners, leaders, employees and individuals prefer not to be “labelled” as Christian whilst they are at work for fear of judgement or criticism. Sharing one’s faith at work is a highly sensitive area which can invite stereotyping and debates about political correctness.

The Divine Business Network was formed to create an environment where both of the issues above are addressed allowing like-minded people to come together to talk openly about their faith from a business perspective and network in a relaxed and informal way, without the need for forced referrals or stiff rules.

The content of the meeting is designed to inspire and support you as you build more of your faith into your business.


Many business networking groups are based upon “forced referrals” where you are expected to refer business to others in the group and also include a mandatory “60 second” pitch to the room.  We do not include or encourage either of these approaches.  You need to build relationships and not just collect business cards, and this can take some time.

However, at the beginning of each meeting, after a short prayer, there is an opportunity to chat over breakfast in a relaxed and informal way so that you can begin to understand what others in the room are there for and for you to have the opportunity to explain your business or needs too.

People need to get to know you and allowing this to happen naturally builds the strongest relationships and business opportunities.

We close each meeting with a prayer and then you are welcome to stay and connect in our on-site cafe.