The Divine Business network has been set up by Paul Harris, founder of Real Success Ltd (a training, coaching and mentoring company based in Birmingham, UK) in response to his own personal mission – “to change the way we do business”.

Paul is a Christian but kept his faith outside of his business and discovered that many other Christians in business were doing the same.  He decided to act upon a deep calling from God to gather Christians in business together – but in a very different way that other business networking groups. Through his own faith journey, which includes a dramatic and intense call back to church in 2015, Paul now promotes the values and teachings of the Bible in a work context.  He believes that business can be a new “church” where our work becomes the living out of our faith in a way that truly takes “Sunday into Monday”.

Paul’s own business, (click on the logo below to go to his company website) reflects his own journey and represents his own truth in the way that his faith is lived out in business.