Please note: The Divine Business Network will be re-starting in 2020.  Please use the contact us page if you’d like further information about future developments for the group.

“Would you like to take your Sunday into your Monday?”

How do you take your faith into your work and apply the principles that are often at odds with business principles?

This is one of the key challenges we face when making decisions, taking actions or carrying out tasks that don’t sit comfortably with our moral framework.  We can find ourselves trapped in a “moral dissonance dilemma” – we know we have to do certain things, but they just don’t sit well with what our faith teaches us.

The Divine Business Network is designed to help you with these challenges and dilemmas.  Through discussion with fellow Christians, you can find answers through scripture and through the experience of others, allowing and encouraging you to take your faith deeper into your business or work.

We are hoping to re-start the group in 2020 at the Renewal Family Centre in Solihull.   We look forward to meeting you and helping you build more of God’s kingdom through your work.

The Renewal Family Centre, Solihull.  Location details can be found here.

“It’s so refreshing to be with other Christian business owners and leaders.  My faith is something that I haven’t talked about at work before. What Paul has put together here is so simple yet so powerful.”

“A very different sort of networking event.  There are dozens of events that will provide business advice and referrals but none that embrace the Christian principles in business.  Brilliant!”

“I’ve made so many great connections – and genuine business is being done.  This isn’t forced or false either – I’m meeting people who are coming from the same place as me – and that’s why I want to work with them.”